Garry’s Mod Manager

The easiest way to install Garry’s Mod addons!

You are tired of installing Garry’s Mod addons?
You want the simpliest way to install wiremod & co.?
You don’t want to search the addons you need yourself?

Then this is your solution!

The Garry’s Mod Manager is the perfect program to install, update and manage Garry’s Mod addons!
User friendly interface and automatic installation, what you’re waiting for?
It replaces Tortoise SVN, a own SVN-Client is fully integrated!
WARNING! At the Moment you can’t install Addons from Github, including Wiremod.
I recommend you to download wiremod manually:


- Install Addons
- Update Addons
- Install Maps
- Install Dupefiles
- Install Expression²-files
- Cleanup .svn folders
…and more!
Garrys’s Mod 13 Addon / Workshop Support is currently in work!


- Windows XP or higher (Server operating-systems are supported!)
- .NET Framework 4.0 Full (automatically installed)
- Garry’s Mod (Garry’s Mod 9 and below is not supported!)
- Internet connection

Discussion and more

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Garry's Mod Manager Screenshot


The Program is free for non-comercial use.
If you want a branded Version please use the contact form.

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